Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dad.... you are my first inspiration 

i imitate the way you talk..the way you handle situations ... in fact the way you scold too !
i can proudly say YOU ARE A GREAT DAD ! i never know that i loved you so much, i could not control my tears the day i saw you in hospital.

you always said ' i couldn't support you monetarily ' but i never felt so i was very much happy because 
-you gave me strength to handle any situation
-you gave international exposure 
-you ART- Magic boosted my confidence levels
-my English fluency is b'coz of you

im sad that i could not do anything to see you out of tensions... I HAD A DREAM...and its just to see you happy... i wanted to give you a relief ...i wanted to say  DAD TAKE REST NOW ITS MY TURN but before i could do anything you are not with me now.
Miss you Dad !

Lots Love 



Monday, October 17, 2011

12 hours of counting minutes

FIITJEE Faculty recruitment Day : it was heavily crowed ...hmmm around 200 were there... im sure i was the youngest among them...it was around 9am i stepped into the office... i thought it was pretty normal organization ..later realized it has all facilities as a corporate...biometric in/out for every door/class ... nice cafeteria,200 seating digital auditorium, and  most important.. it was Central AC.

By 930...the written exam started..2hours subjective test on core Physics concepts... Paper 1 was good and Paper 2 was tough... then an IQ test 30 min - 30 ques with negative marking...this was horrible i couldn't answer 17 questions....

it was 1 ...i was out of the hall...they made us wait for 2hours for the result... i stood 2nd /9ppl in Physics wing and i was pretty happy...later they took us to auditorium for the Company overview and den a beautiful LUNCH ( this was most interesting part)

by 5pm they took us for GD round..it went on for 1hour on two topics
"Is Cell phone a useful gadget to school student..should it be allowed in school/college??"
"Board exams and Competitive exams ...parent and student perspective"
we were 5..one was the principal of reputed school...one was the Physics HOD of sri chaitanya techno schools...other two were 5+ year experienced faculty and the last was me.the discussion went terrific though i dint speak much...i made my space to drop few words...this was not an elimination round so i was kool and passive.

around 640pm i was called for the model lecture... i took relative velocity concepts and started with a simple problem...three top professors were the panel ..they dropped a bunch of terrific concept diven problem..i could answer none..still managed to plug in.. it went moderate i was not happy.. i felt ...i should have taken newtons laws..but all the way it doesnt matter..

they threw me to big library hall...it was already filled with 80+ people waiting for the Personal interview...i got my chance at 10:10pm... HR round was good.. throughly convinced them with my credentials...

hmmmm finally stepped out at 10:15 pm...more than 12 hours... 6+ hours of waiting and tension
... the final word by them was...we will contact you in 1 or 2 weeks...n tension continues

Friday, October 14, 2011

'Physic'al Approach

dont misunderstand im not speaking about any XXX for now.... after my graduation i never thought ill be opening my physics books back....yup im preparing for FITJEE interview this sunday... its just screwing my head..hope i do well ...i have to hit this for sure this time...